Aqua Kunhar Trusted Name In
Bottled Water Industry

Maxium Purity

Due to the importance of water in our life we give pure quality water to our customers.

7 Steps Filtration

Water has different types of impurities. Our 7 steps filtration process remove all the impurities of the water.

Chlorine Free

We serve our water chlorine free to think about clients' lives since chlorine causes serious damage to our health.

Helping To Improve

Another name for water is life. we want to help you to improve your water quality.So that you and your family can drink pure, healthy and safe water. We are trying our best to give you these services.

Director’s Board

They are our directors board members who are representing our shareholders, making hiring, firing decisions and overseeing all the decisions in the company.

Our Team

Let's meet our team of young and enthusiastic people.